Mission and Vision

Corporate Philosophy

Five Confucian virtues of Benevolence, Justice, Courtesy, Wisdom, and Sincerity

Corporate mission

Through businesses related to high performance metal materials, Osaka Stainless supports quality-oriented production in a variety of industries all over the world. The company only involves itself in sincere and fair business activities and pursues the sound continuity and growth of businesses, contributing to society, and employees’ physical and emotional well-beings.

Corporate priorities

Customer satisfaction
Foundation of the business is providing customers with extra value, creating even greater value using the profits earned, and then ultimately earning high levels of evaluation and confidence from customers. Accomplishing that mission with the utmost integrity means placing a high priority on customer satisfaction.
Always attempt something new
Retaining the status quo will only leave us behind. Rather than be content with the way things are, we aim at constantly trying something new.
Niche perspective
Osaka Stainless is a pioneer in the niche market of special stainless steel and nickel alloys. We constantly aim to attempt things that no one else would, and to be unique while taking on the creation of a number of niche business opportunities.
Unleashing crowd wisdom
We are always trying to break free from fixed ideas and presumptions and utilize the wisdom of our personnel to make even better decisions.
Sharing profits
We do seek to generate a profit—in a fair and square manner—that is required for ever-lasting development, but we then share that profit with society, our personnel, and their families.
Work-life balance
We aim to provide a work environment in which our personnel can enjoy their work without any damage to their health, cherish their personal and family lives, and keep their work–life balance.