High precision processing of challenging materials

Support for orders of individual units through to large-batch orders

In our metal processing business, the Kawaguchi Processing Center and our solely-owned factory in Fujian, China (Yaga Metal Products Co., Ltd.) in cooperation with our domestic and overseas partner companies provide metal processing services of difficult-to-machine materials including nickel alloys, stainless steel, titanium, and cobalt alloys—from small-batch right through to large-batch orders. We also stock off-the-shell products such as bolts and nuts made of nickel alloys or duplex stainless steel, so that we can deliver those products within a short time.

ISO 9001-based quality is ensured through inspections with state-of-the-art optical instruments.

From PMI tests (inspection of materials) prior to processing to the pre-shipping measurement of dimensions and shapes (plus intermediate tests depending on the product), Osaka Stainless maintains a very strict inspection system to improve its quality management in compliance with the requirements for ISO9001 certification. A variety of optical instruments such as a CNC coordinate measuring machine, image dimension measurement system, profilometer, and PMI testing machine (inspection of materials) enable finished products to be inspected at a resolution of 1 micrometer. Thorough process control is implemented every day using total traceability from receiving through to shipping of materials to fulfill the goals: “No Material Mix” and “No nonconforming products.”

Our proven track record in a wide range of industries proves our advanced processing technologies.

We have supplied processed products to various industries that include those involved in energy production, plants, semiconductors, and rolling stock.

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Processing using an NC lathe or a machining center, thread cutting, hole punching, polishing, forging, welding, bending, heat-treating, electric discharge machining, wire cut electric spark machining, etc.

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