Preventing defective and non-conforming materials.


Exact process control is implemented from order placement and the receipt of materials right through to shipping. We have both heat number control and lot control in place to ensure total traceability. Furthermore, PMI tests (simplified chemical composition tests) are conducted on all material after receiving and before shipping to prevent material mix from entering or leaving the place.

  • Traceability right back to the order and receipt of all materials and products.
  • Identifying the lots of rejects.
  • All products are digitally documented.
  • AS9120 certified metal materials are subject to stringent control to ensure quality.

We utilize a large number of the latest optical devices as well as analog measuring instruments such as calipers and various gauges. Our highly sophisticated inspection system enables rigorous quality management.
We have also been involved in solving material-related problems in cooperation with research institutions such as universities.

Purchasing & Receiving Control

To fully meet the needs of customers in various countries and industries, we only place orders for metal materials after having determined the details of specifications with steel mills. Receiving inspections of all the metal materials take place in accordance with ISO9001 to ensure the reliable quality. AS9120 certified metal materials are subject to stringent control to ensure quality.

ISO 9001 Process Control

Complete inspection and progress control of metal materials and processed goods based on ISO9001 take place, commencing from the receipt of an order and right through to shipment. The progress of the processes and the inspection records kept after shipment are controlled within the system along with the heat number and in-house lot number to deliver the precise products to our customers on time. As with the purchasing and receiving control, any metal materials under AS9120 certification are subject to even more stringent control.

Traceability Back to Material Receipt

To ensure complete traceability, we control all metal materials and processed goods—from our receiving to the delivery to customers—using the consistent charge number and in-house lot number, and keep records of all in-process inspections.
If any nonconforming materials or processed products are found after delivery, the records aid us identify the workers involved with and the charge/lot numbers of the materials, thus ensuring to determine the cause and take corrective actions to prevent recurrence.


AS9120 certified metal materials are subject to stringent control to ensure quality.

  • Color variations with work instructions

    While light green or blue is used with our regular work instructions, conspicuous yellow sheets are used for those of metal materials that fall under AS9120 certification to draw more attention.

  • All materials PMI tested

    Although we normally take samples for PMI tests at the time of receiving and shipping, we conduct 100% PMI tests on those materials.

  • Personnel Certification

    We have employee skill maps in place for use in certifying the level of our personnel’s technological skills, which limit the handling of metal materials under AS9120 certification to Level 2 or higher workers. Work is handed over to the next process only between the certified workers.

  • Rejects locked away

    All rejects are isolated and then stored; but with metal materials falling under AS9120 certification, we also lock them in a specific storage site to prevent any mixing of isolated rejects and ensure “No wrong materials.”

What is AS9120?

AS9120 is a quality management system used in the aerospace industry, in which obviously safety and reliability are considered paramount. This standard applies to logistics providers involved in the supply chain of the aerospace industry as well as any related wholesale and retail companies.
Acquiring AS9120 certification has allowed us to provide “even more confidence” to our customers in addition to the strict lot and traceability control that they know we have long been committed to.

  • Certified standard
  • Certification body
    DNV GL
  • Certified date
    February 24, 2020
  • Certification number
  • Scope of certification
    Sale, import, and export of metal materials
  • Certified business facilities
    Head office, Kawaguchi Material Center, Kawaguchi Cutting Factory, and Kawaguchi Warehouse

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Inspection instruments

Using a large number of its own state-of-the-art inspection instruments such as digital microscopes, CNC coordinate measuring machines, and image dimension measurement systems, Osaka Stainless provides accurate results with exact numeric values. We are also equipped with some unique instruments such as permeameters, straightness measuring instruments, and radiation dosimeters.

  • CNC coordinate measuring machineMitutoyo Crysta-Apex C

    This particular instrument can measure the width, depth, and height at the same time and hence can be used in more critical measurements.

    • Photographs of CNC coordinate measuring machine
    • Usage scenarios for CNC coordinate measuring machine
  • Image dimension measurement systemKEYENCE IM-600

    Simply place a target in the measurement area (within φ200mm x 300mm), and this instrument can easily and accurately measure up to 99 dimensions all at once—including inner diameters, pitches, and angles through to even more complex geometries.

    • Photographs of Image dimension measurement system
    • Usage scenarios for Image dimension measurement system
  • ProfilometerMitsutoyo FTA-H8D3000-D

    Any discrepancies that can arise from use of lever type detectors, actually resulting from arc distortion or curvature of the needle tip, can be compensated for using software, thus enabling highly accurate profile measurements across the entire range (50mm).

    • Photographs of Profilometer
  • Digital microscopeKEYENCE VHX

    This instrument enables accurate observations with an ease and speed that cannot be achieved using optical microscopes. The log function of the digital microscope can also be used to record data and prepare reports for later use. Magnification of up to x1000 is supported.

    • Photographs of Digital microscope
    • Usage scenarios forDigital microscope
  • Portable alloy analyzerNITON XLt898W
    Niton XL2-800 & Niton XL2-980s & Niton XL3t-980s

    Before receiving and shipping of any nickel alloy products and any non-stock items, we use this composition analyzing instrument to conduct PMI (Positive Material Identification) tests to prevent the mixture of different products and materials.

    • Photographs of Portable alloy analyzer
    • Usage scenarios forPortable alloy analyzer
  • Laser scan micrometerMitutoyo LSM-512S/LSM-6200

    By placing a target on the measuring stage and then rotating the stage, the inspector can measure the runout of the outer diameter, roundness, and warpage at the same time.

    • Photographs of Laser scan micrometer
    • Usage scenarios forLaser scan micrometer

Regarding calibration

All block gauges and other standards for use in calibration are certified by external certification manufacturers at high precision of 0.01mm order. Inspection reports for each product can also be submitted. We aim to deliver the most reliable quality to our customers.

List of measuring instruments

InstrumentMeasuring range etc.
Hardness testerAR-10, Rockwell hardness tester
Digital calipers0mm–1000mm
Point calipers for inner surface10mm–150mm
Plain calipers for inner surface10mm–200mm
Digital height gauge0mm–600mm
Three-point inner micrometerφ6mm–φ63mm
Hole pitch calipers10mm–200mm
Digital micrometer0mm–150mm
Micrometer for E ring0mm–25mm
Groove micrometer0mm–25mm
Depth micrometer0mm–25mm
Thread ring gaugeM2.2–M48 No.4–1” 1/2UNC, other PF/PT, etc.
Thread plug gaugeM2.2–M42 No.6–1” 1/8UNC, other PF/PT, etc. 0mm–1000mm
Micrometer for measuring effective diameter of screw0mm–25mm
Cylinder dial gaugeφ7.5mm–φ18mm