ALLOY600 (Inconel600)


ALLOY600 is Ni-Cr-Fe alloy

  • • good resistance to oxidation, carburization and nitridation
  • • good resistance to stress corrosion cracking, at both room and elevated temperatures
  • • good resistance to dry chlorine and hydrogen chloride
  • • good mechanical properties at sub-zero, room and elevated temperatures

ALLOY600 is recommended for service above 700 °C (1290 °F) because of its higher creep-rupture properties, obtained via controlled carbon content and, except for strip products, coarse grain size.


Stock Form and Sizes

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Round BarsSpecification:ASTM B166/B564※ ASME SB166/SB564※ AMS5665(成分のみ)
NACE MR0175(ISO 15156) ※B564/SB564 Apply to Forged Bar Only
size 1〜13
size 16〜50
size 55〜135
size 140〜300
Hex barsSpecification:ASTM B166
Nuts and washersecification: Nut JIS B1181 Class1 Washer, JIS B1256 Normal Series Grade.A

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Corrosion resistance

ALLOY600 is resistant to a wide range of corrosive media. Due to the chromium content the alloys possess better corrosion resistance than ALLOY200/201under oxidizing conditions.
At the same time, the high nickel content results in good corrosion resistance under reducing conditions and in alkaline solutions and leads to virtual immunity to chloride-ion stresscorrosion cracking.
ALLOY600 shows moderate resistance to mineral acids and good resistance to acetic, formic, stearic and other organic acids.
Excellent resistance is shown in high purity water, as used in the primary and secondary circuits of some nuclear reactors.
ALLOY600 is particularly resistant to attack by dry chlorine or hydrogen chloride, even at temperatures up to 650 °C (1200 °F).
At high temperatures in air the soft-annealed and solutionannealed alloys show good resistance to oxide scaling and have high strength.
The alloys also resist ammonia bearing atmospheres, as well as nitrogen and carburizing gases. Under alternating oxidizing and reducing conditions the the alloys may suffer from selective oxidation (green rot).


Typical applications are:
  • • thermocouple sheathing in aggresive atmospheres
  • • vinylchloride monomer production: resistance to chlorine,
    hydrogen chloride, oxidation and carburization
  • • conversion of uranium oxide to hexafluoride: resistance to attack by hydrogen fluoride
  • • production and use of caustic alkalis, particularly in the presence of sulphur compounds
  • • production of titanium dioxide by the chlorine route
  • • production of organic and inorganic chlorinated and fluorinated compounds: resistance to attack by chlorine and fluorine nuclear reactor components
  • • heat treatment furnace retorts, furnace belts and components, particularly with carburizing or nitriding atmospheres
  • • catalyst regenerators in petrochemical production

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Chemical composition


※The values in the table are for reference only and do not guarantee minimum or maximum values. For further information, please contact us.

Mechanical properties(Round Bar)

 ConditionYield Strength(Mpa)Tensile Strength(Mpa)Elongation(%)Hardness(HB)
ASTM Min ValueSoft Annealed20555030 
Typical Values at RTHot worked43170638180
Typical Values at RTCold worked70688220235
Typical Values at RTSoft Annealed28460845145

Above standard values and typical values of Round Bar.
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※The values in the table are for reference only and do not guarantee minimum or maximum values. For further information, please contact us.

International Standard Comparison Chart

 MaterialRound BarsPlates/SheetsPipe/Tube

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